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« The international school by Ipécom Paris » was launched during the 2018/2019 school year.

« The international school by Ipecom Paris » develops a rigorous multicultural and bilingual program pursuing academic excellence, where individual initiative, creativity and interactivity are valued. in a supportive environment.

Students follow a methodical and balanced program taught in English and in French, leading to the Irish leaving certificate.

The goal of our international high school is to develop committed citizens aware of world issues. We aim to stimulate students so they become curious, critical and open minded adults in a world of increasing diversity and competitiveness.

To do so, in collaboration with the best secondary schools in Ireland, we have created a Leaving Certificate Senior Cycle in Paris.

The three-year program starts in Paris and finishes in Ireland. The first two years, are taught in Paris. The last year, at the end of which the students sit the Leaving Certificate is taught in Ireland.